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 Welcome to the Homepage of Kulathunkal branch of Pakalomattom Ayrookuzhiyil family - 
ancient christian family in Kerala , India , spread all over the world .


"Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature " Mark 16:15 

                                        Inspired by this command of the Lord ,St. Thomas ,one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ came to Kerala, India in 52 A.D. ,much before British came to India , even before any English were X'ians . Landed at a small village on the western coast of Kerala , Malliankara ,near Kodungallore , presently located at the southern tip of Trichur  ( Trissur ) district of Kerala in India. He further moved towards north by coast and reached a small village called Palayur ,near Guruvayoor  which was a Brahmin settlement at that time. Here he conversed with Brahmin community of Aryan worship system .Convinced by the Divine power possessed by this foreign monk of new faith , four prominent Brahmin families accepted the Christian faith and were baptised by St.Thomas himself.

The four prominent High class priestly Brahmin families who accepted the new faith  were Kali , Kaliankavu , Pakalomattom & Sankarapuri . These families and their children were subjected to much hardship by others and consequently they had to move towards South of Kerala by the end of the 2nd centaury. Thus they came via Angamali , to Kuravilangad , near Ettumanoor in Kottayam district.Here they prospered and in course of time , spread to all parts of Southern Kerala. The High priest Eravi Kartan , was the first person who accepted the new faith in Pakalomattom family. Alapatt house in Kuravilangad is very prominent among the Pakalomattom  descendants .

 A handsome youth  & silk cloth merchant from Pakalomattom Alapatt house , named Idicula reached the Royal Palace of Venad in 1680 A.D. Queen Maharani Umayamma honoured  him with the title" Tharakan ",meaning noble merchant .As per the ancient customs ,an honoured person was a preferred guest of the Royal family .So Idiculla Tharakan lived in the palace during Umayamma 's rule till 1684 A.D. He then moved to a house in Malakkara called Ayrookuzhiyil .Afterwards he moved to Arattupuzha .The property in which he lived there is still known as Tharakan veedu .Later he shifted to Puthencavu and settled on the pampa river bank .Here he used the Malakkara house name   ' Ayrookuzhiyil '.Thus he became the Doyen of the great Ayrookuzhiyil Family which has now spread all over the world.

Idiculla Tharakan (Senior) Ayrookuzhiyil Puthencavu had six sons :(1 ) A1  Idicula Tharakan (Junior), (2) A2 Kochaipa Tharakan (3) A3 Mammen Tharakan (4) A4 Mani Mathen Tharakan ,(5)A5 Joseph Tharakan and (6) A6 Abraham Tharakan .
First son , A1 Idicula Tharakan ( Jr.) moved to nearby village , in the East , Arattupuzha and settled there. Other sons lived in Puthencavu  and Mulakuzha.

 Idiculla Tharakan Jr. also had 6 sons. (1)A1B1 Kurien Vadakkanethu (Sr.) , Arattupuzha ;(2)A1B2 Geevarghese Thundiyil , Arattupuzha ;(3)A1B3 Chacko ,Kallara House ,Arattupuzha ; (4)A1B4 Joseph Tharakan ,Untantayyathu ,Prakkanam ; (5)A1B5 Gee Varghese ,Valanjavattom ,Niranam (6) A1B6 Idiculla ,Tharakanveedu , Arattupuzha .

Idiculla Tharakan Jr. 's 6 th son A1B6 Idiculla (2nd gen ) stayed at the ancestral home Tharkan veedu . He had 3 sons    ( 3 rd generation ) .

 (1)A1B6C1 Cherian Kadavana ,Arattupuzha ,
    (2)A1B6C2 Idicula Abraham ,Tharakan veedu ,
        (3)A1B6C3 Kuncheria Arapurakel , Arattupuzha .

Eldest son A1B6C1 Cherian Kadavana ,Arattupuzha
 had 2 sons and a daughter (4th gen ).
They are  (1)A1B6C1D1 Idicula Kulathunkal , Arattupuzha .
               (2)A1B6C1D2 Mathen Kadavana , Arattupuzha.
                       (3)A1B6C1D3 Kandamma (married at Kumbanad ) .

Kulathunkal branch of Pakalomattom Ayrookuzhiyil family begins from eldest son Idiculla Kulathunkal , Arattupuzha .

A1B6C1D1 Idicula Kulathunkal had 2 sons. ( 5 th gen. )
                                  A1B6C1D1E1   (1) Cherian Kulathunkal , Arattupuzha. (Evangelist)
                           A1B6C1D1E2    (2) Kuncheria Kulathunkal (migrated to Ranni , Pathanamthitta Dist. )

A1B6C1D1E1 Cherian Kulathunkal was a Suvisheshakan (Evangelist) in
                 Marthoma Sabha .He married Achiamma  (D/o Velliyaperumbuzha Kavil
                 Mathachen ) . They have 3 sons . ( 6 th generation ).
                      A1B6C1D1E1F1 K. C. Idicula , Vadakkethu , Malakkara .
                           --> click to go down 
                      A1B6C1D1E1F2 K. C. Mathen , Kulathunkal , Arattupuzha. 
                        --> click to go down 

                      A1B6C1D1E1F3 K. C. Abraham , Kulathunkal , Arattupuzha . 
                       --> click to go down 
       Cherian Kulathunkal died in 1949. 

       migrated to Chellakkad , Near Manthamaruthi ,Ranny in 1925.
       He married Kochanamma ( Chenganoor Ambalavayalil ). 
       They have 3 sons and 2 daughters. (6 th gen)
                      A1B6C1D1E2F1 Abraham Ranni --> click to go down
                      A1B6C1D1E2F2  Easow Malabar --> click to go down
                      A1B6C1D1E2F3 George , Ranni . --> click to go down
                      A1B6C1D1E2F4 Kanakamma 
                        (married in Enadu ,migrated to Nilambur Chunkkathara ).
                      A1B6C1D1E2F5 Sarakutty ( married to Churrakuzhi Malayil )
                      A1B6C1D1E2F6 Thankamma (Kuzhikala Chiramannil ).

                              The Ayrookuzhiyil family members belongs to most major Christian denominations viz., Marthoma , Orthodox , St.Thomas Evangelical Church , Catholic , CSI etc.It is the grace of the Almighty God and the blessings of the forefathers that keeps this great family and its members well and strong for centuries.

This site is maintained by Cherian Tinu Abraham , Kaippattoor <S/o Dr.Abraham Cherian < S/o  K.I.Cherian < S/o K. C. Idiculla < S/o Cherian Kulathunkal < S/o Idiculla Kulathunkal < S/o Cherian Kadavana< S/o Idicula Tharakanveedu < S/o Idicula Tharakan Jr. < S/o Idicula Tharakan Sr. 
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Inform me for additions ,suggestions and corrections. 
Any error is regretted. 
Reference Data Source :Pakalomattom Ayrookuzhiyil Kudumbacharitram Part - I Idiculla Tharakan Branch ( Family History) published by Ayrookuzhiyil Kudumbayogam.  

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